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1New Member today Empty New Member today on Sun Apr 12, 2009 1:15 pm


A Tiny Little Duckling
A Tiny Little Duckling
I live in Washington State in the Southwest part of the state. I have Muscovy ducks, Bourbon Turkeys, Cornish Cross Chickens, Welsummers and 3 pigs.
My wife and I have raised 2 boys, adopted one girl and now are doing foster care too.

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We are very glad to have you!!! We hope to hear more from you again soon! Very Happy

I have 2 easter egger hens, 1 buff orpington rooster, 1 rhode island red hen, 1 "barnyard" hen, 1 "barnyard" rooster, 1 EE X BO pullet and 5 white pekin ducks and 1 white pekin drake!!!!!

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